Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bath Salts

So it's finalyy here. Spatacular Bath Salt Product. Now we carry flavors of Mango here. Bath Salts are good for soaking in the bath tub, or soaking achy feet. The ingredients in these products are all natural. Epsom salt is a key ingredient and it helps draw out toxins in the body, which (toxins) is responsible for lack of energy & concentrations.
Spatacular Treasures carry bath salts in 4 and 6 oz bottles.
Mango 4 oz. Bath salt is $3.00

The cucmber 4 oz bottle bath salt is $3.00

4 oz. bottle of bath salt is $3.00 and 6 oz. bath salts are $4.00

These bath salts make great gifts for baby shower souvenirs and wedding bridal showers.

*I'll be posting our handmade soaps and packages soon.

For any orders please e-mail me of leave a comment and your e-mail & I'll get right back with you to confirm your order.

Thank you

Happy Relaxing,

Crafty Ann

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Body Goods

Healthy Bath & Body Goods company or business is being built. Step by step, idea by idea, and by great care and love. Handmade heart shape and flower soaps are being made with a fruity delicious smelling flavor. Bath salts and even medicinal soaps, such as tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil soaps are being produced preparing to get into the market, spas, health food stores and in hopefully my target audiences. Labels, packaging, inventory and building a website takes time. Especially with a one woman show. Yet I'm having fun preparing, managing and making these products and organizing this business. Right now in between working on the products, and spa gift bags & packages, I'm trying to get the word out and passing out flyers along with free samples of my products to potential customers. Hoping that they'll give my products, services and business a try. Next time I'll have some pictures of my products and prices to follow in my next post.

This has been a gradual and great journey in the world of business, but also a long life trip of following my passion. More updates coming soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healthy Bath & Body Goods

New products and healthy information coming soon. New business name and healthy adventures are sure to come as well. So stay tuned.

To better health in you.

Thanks Crafty Ann.